Settings for System -> General

Go to the “System” page (1) and click on the “General” button (2).

  • In the “General” page select “HTTP” (1) from the “Protocol:” drop down menu if it isn’t already selected.
  • There is no certificate at this stage.
  • Select the static IP address you want the FreeNAS web GUI to bind to from the “WebGUI IPv4 Address:” drop down menu (2). If you want to be able to get the FreeNAS web GUI on any static IP address you have assigned to the server then select at this point. Ordinarily you should leave this set to
  • Leave the WebGUI HTTP port value and the HTTPS port value at their default settings (3).
  • Select the language you require in the “Language (Require UI reload):” drop down menu (4).
  • Pick a keyboard layout that corresponds to your keyboard in the “Console Keyboards Map:” drop down menu (5) (Fester’s keyboard layout corresponds to the UK so I use UK ISO-8859-1).
  • Chose the correct time zone for your locality from the “Timezone” drop down menu (6).
  • Now click the “Save” button (7).

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