General Build Guide

  1. Be careful of electric shock. Disconnect the power before working on a computer. NEVER dismantle a PSU, there are lethal voltages and currents inside and you can still get a shock off them even when they are disconnected from mains power. Computer parts are replaceable, you are not.
  2. Be careful of the sharp edges of the computer case/chassis. This tends not to be so much of a problem these days as contemporary computer cases tend to be made better now.
  3. Disconnect the power before connecting or disconnecting cables or components. If power is still going to the motherboard while you are carrying out these activities you might damage the electronics.
  4. Always use an antistatic wrist band when handling the components.
  5. Don’t build your server on a surface that is or could become heavily electrostatically charged (e.g. carpets, etc).
  6. Certain types of clothing are more prone to electrostatic build-up than others (in the past Fester built all his computers in a gorgeous diaphanous negligee, but was building up too much charge. I now wear nothing more than a cheeky smile and the thong).
  7. Don’t grab the contacts when handling components. Even the cleanest hands have a thin film of grease on them which you will transfer to the copper contacts.
  8. Good cable management will slightly improve air flow around your components. Take some time on this and do a little planning (I tend to get the power cables in first and then the data cables).
  9. Have a good supply of cable ties, these will help you with cable management.

(If anyone can think of anything else that should go in this section let me know and if it’s reasonable and I have time, I will add it.)

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