Global Configuration of Jails

Before setting up any plugins on the server we must first configure the global settings for all Jails.

Click “Jails” in the left column.

There is no need to change anything here, just click the “Config” button.

Ensure your pool is selected (if you've created more than one pool, select the pool on which you want your jails to live), and click the “Activate” button.

That’s global configuration of the Jails done.

Now we can install some plugins, or create some new jails by hand.

Incidentally you are not confined by the plugins on offer in FreeNAS. It is possible to configure programs that work in FreeBSD so they will work in FreeNAS Jails. This often requires a lot of manual configuration and probably some things Fester is completely unaware of at present. You will also need a good knowledge of FreeBSD commands and UNIX permissions in order to work this way. It offers a great deal of flexibility but is not easy.

Plugins however, are designed so that you can do everything you need from within the FreeNAS GUI.

Fester uses the supplied plugins in FreeNAS as I don’t know enough at present to install and compile programs by hand for Jails.

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