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 {{:fester:5fccef248c0ccad4d3cb3b950af3da65.png}} {{:fester:5fccef248c0ccad4d3cb3b950af3da65.png}}
 +(There is a way to check this by using the RSA2 fingerprint but I can’t remember how, if someone lets me know I will try to include it in the guide or you could replace this or any section with your own?)
 +You will now have access to the PuTTY session as soon as you login. Type the username next to the “Login as:” text (1). In this case it is **root**.
 +Next you will be asked for the password you created in PuTTYgen. Type it in next to the “Passphrase for key "Test SSH":” text (2) (Fester used **test**).
 +As you type the password the text will not appear on the screen, this is normal and a security feature.
 +To leave the SSH console just type **exit** and the session along with the window will close.
 +That’s the SSH console configured in FreeNAS.
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