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 +====== Network Global Configuration ======
 +Go to the “Network” page.
 +  * Click on the “Global Configuration” tab (1).
 +  * Give your server a name by typing into the “Hostname:​” text box (2).
 +  * Your server will most likely be on your private network behind the router so the “Domain:​” should be “local” (3).
 +  * Input the Default Gateway IP address of your private network into the “IPv4 Default Gateway:” text box (4) (in Fester’s case this is
 +  * In the Nameserver 1:” text box (5) put in the IP address of your ISPs Primary DNS server. You should be able to get this from your router or the ISPs website.
 +  * In the Nameserver 2:” text box (6) put in the IP address of your ISPs Secondary DNS server.
 +  * In the Nameserver 3:” text box (7) put in the IP address of your ISPs Tertiary DNS server. Not all ISPs have a third DNS server so leave it blank if this is the case.
 +  * Now click the “Save” button (8).
 +If you do not know, and cannot find, the IP addresses for your ISP's DNS servers, you can use Google'​s Public DNS servers. ​ Use for the primary DNS server, and for the secondary.
 +The server can now find the Primary and Secondary DNS servers. This means web addresses (URLs) can now be resolved to IP addresses.
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