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 +====== Mounting an ISO Image File via IPMI ======
 +If your motherboard supports IPMI, you can mount image files (like the FreeNAS installer, Memtest86+, or other test utilities) through the virtual console. ​ Your system will see the file as a local CD-ROM or flash drive. ​ To start, open a web browser, and browse to the IP address of the IPMI interface on your server.
 +Log in with the username of ADMIN and the password you chose. ​ In the IPMI window, under the **Remote Control** menu, click on **Console Redirection**.
 +Click on the **Launch Console** button. ​ You'll probably need to click some confirmation messages for Java; these vary from system to system. ​ Once you've confirmed them, the console window will open.  Under the **Virtual Media** menu, click on **Virtual Storage**.
 +In the Virtual Storage window, click on the **CD-ROM & ISO** tab.  Then, under **Logical Drive Type**, select **ISO File**. ​ Click the **Open I...** button, then browse to the .iso file you want to mount. ​ Click the **Plug In** button, then click **OK**. ​ Your .iso file will be attached to your server and appear as a local CD-ROM.
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