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 ==== Non-Destructive Badblocks Test Using tmux ==== ==== Non-Destructive Badblocks Test Using tmux ====
-I don’t know how to do this.+To do a non-destructive ''badblocks'' test, follow the instructions above, but replace -w with -n Example commands might look like:
-If someone wants to give me the information and detailed copyright free screen shots will be happy to include them in this guide or you could replace this or any section with your own?+''badblocks -ns /dev/da0'' 
 +''badblocks -b 4096 -nsv /dev/da1'' 
 +This test is intended to be non-destructive--once it has completed, the data on your disk should be unharmed.  Even so, I'd discourage running this on a disk with important data unless you have a good, readily-accessible backup.
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